Become a Choose Health® Coalition

Choose Health® is committed to maintaining focus on SAMHSA’s Eight Dimensions of Wellness: emotional, environmental, intellectual, physical, occupational, spiritual, financial, and social.  Our concentration is on supporting local wellness coalitions by providing tools, resources, research, and staff to assist with planning.  We are able to provide guidance in work plan development, should that be a request.  We recognize and support the development of community health assessments and program designs with measurable outcomes.  We will promote and participate in coalition meetings and events as a partner of the community and coalition.  We are able to provide assistance with grant finding, grant writing, and encourage all Choose Health® coalitions to apply for the Cenpatico Community Reinvestment Grant.  We will use our technology and staff to help promote all Choose Health® coalition efforts as well as develop networking opportunities.  While we are happy to participate in all of our communities wellness endeavors, Choose Health® coalitions are our priority.  Our Choose Health® program is dedicated to increasing the quantity and quality of life for all, by empowering our communities and inspiring hope!

If you would like to become a Choose Health® Coalition or are interested in partnering with Cenpatico’s Choose Health® initiative please complete the information below:


If you have questions about the Choose Health® program or would be interested in learning about coalitions in your area, please call 866-495-6738 or email us at: