Build a Healthy Meal

Use a Smaller Plate – you will eat less.

Make half your plate veggies and fruits

  • Vegetables and fruits have healthy vitamins and minerals
  • Choose red, orange and dark-green vegetables

Include whole grain

  • Choose “100% Whole Grain” or 100% whole wheat” on food labels

Remember to have dairy

  • Fat-free or low-fat milk or soymilk or other dairy product with your meal

Add lean protein

  • Lean beef and pork
  • Chicken and turkey
  • Beans

Eat desserts that are good for you

  • Bake apples or pears with cinnamon on top
  • Mix yogurt into fresh fruit

Say “NO” to:

  • Gravy and sauces add fat and calories
  • Cheese sauce on vegetables
  • Butter on vegetables

Build a Healthy Meal Informational Flyers

Build a Healthy Meal - English

Build a Healthy Meal - Spanish/Español