Community Reinvestment 2015

***Community Reinvestment News***

June 24th 2016

Good Morning Grant Applicants,

Thank you for taking the time to apply for our 2015 Community Reinvestment Grant opportunity. We look forward to funding some amazing projects and seeing the great work you all do!

At this time, grant applications are still being reviewed by our advisory committees. Due to the volume of applications and some unforeseen delays, we will be postponing the award announcements until August 1, 2016.

While we understand this is an inconvenience, we appreciate your patience as we review all applications and make award decisions as expeditiously as possible.

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience and look forward to working with you all in the future. If you should have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me directly.

Thank you,

Michael R. Johnson
Community & Events Coordinator
Cultural & Community Affairs

Cenpatico Integrated Care
333 E. Wetmore Road, Suite 600
Tucson, AZ 85705
(866) 495-6738 x84459 office I
(520) 809-6459 Direct Line
(520) 262-5639 Mobile 

Grant Proposal Guidelines

Cenpatico is the Regional Behavioral Authority (RBHA) for 8 counties in southern Arizona and we are committed to the communities that we serve. Cenpatico serves: Pinal, Yuma, La Paz, Cochise, Graham, Greenlee, and Santa Cruz counties. Every year we take a percentage of our net profits and give back to community organizations who are interested in improving the lives of those living in our communities. With that in mind, we invite organizations to draft proposals and submit them to Cenpatico for consideration. To qualify for these grants, an organization must be:

  • A 501(c)3 Organization or pending a non-profit application
  • A 501(c)19 Veterans’ Organization
  • A City Government or division
  • A State Government office or division
  • A County Government office or division
  • A Tribal Government or division

The project must be for a community in the counties that we serve, which are Pinal, Yuma, La Paz, Graham, Greenlee, Cochise and Santa Cruz. In addition, our boards have agreed that the following are excluded from funding:

  1. Any service that would qualify as a Medicaid covered service.
  2. Any prevention program that is currently funded, or partly funded, by ADHS/DBHS.
  3. Rent, salaries, utilities or any cost that is contingent on ongoing funding.

Any proposals that do not meet the grant guidelines will be removed from consideration for funding. To help you understand the types of proposals we are looking for, below are examples of programs we would like to fund:

  1. Programs that would improve the overall health and wellness of adults, children, and/or transition aged youth.
  2. Programs that would improve the quality of life in a community.
  3. Programs that educate and support community members to become self-sufficient.
  4. Programs that are sustainable.
  5. Funding range is up to $25,000 per proposal (Organizations can submit more than one proposal during the application window).
  6. Proposals may also be a request to improve an existing program.
  7. Funding to start a peer-run business.
  8. Programs that support Veterans, seniors and other underserved populations.

There is no required format or page limits. We only require that you fill out the online application. You may include any information in addition to the cover sheet, such as diagrams, photos, financial worksheets, or letters of support by attaching it to your online application. We recommend you submit several levels of funding and what they include, by line item cost, as we may be able to pay for a partial grant if the full grant request cannot be issued rather than deny all funding. Due to the varying size of the counties in our service area, Cenpatico’s goal over time is that all counties receive funding that is proportionate to membership. Cenpatico will monitor the distribution of funds according to Cenpatico’s policy and procedure to ensure that all areas receive a fair share of the funding available. To expedite the award process we also request that you attach your tax determination letter or W9 with your proposal. When awarded, please fax, email or mail invoice for the amount awarded and W-9 to Cenpatico, attn: Michael Johnson at fax: 866-528-9921 or email

Once the decision on awards is made, all applicants will receive notification on whether they were awarded or not. After awards are made, some awardees may be asked to participate in a formal check presentation for media purposes. In addition, 6 months after award, a formal report on the progress of the project is required. If the project is not complete at that time, another report will be due 1 year after award. Additional reports may be requested if the project has not been completed after 1 year. Please send your six month and annual report to or by mail to 333 E. Wetmore Road, Tucson AZ 85705 Attn: Michael Johnson.


  • September 2015 Announcement and distribution of Guidelines to Communities
  • February 15th, 2016 Proposals due back to Cenpatico
  • April 2016 Spreadsheet and cover sheets sent out to Boards for review
  • April 2016 Discussion at next Board meetings and attendees submit their votes
  • May 2016 All votes due electronically
  • May 2016 Votes calculated and all recommendations sent to Cenpatico Leadership
  • May 2016 Final recommendations sent to Cenpatico Foundation
  • June 2016 Decision (after final audit results are calculated and approved)
  • August 1st, 2016 Award Announcements made

If you have any questions or are in need of assistance, please contact Michael Johnson at:
520-809-6459 Direct Office
520-262-5639 Cell Phone