Community Reinvestment

Cenpatico Integrated Care strives to transform the health of our communities one person at a time. As such, we offer a variety of reinvestment programs targeted at propelling community-level health outcomes and benefiting the communities in the counties we serve:

  • Cochise
  • Graham
  • Greenlee
  • La Paz
  • Pima
  • Pinal
  • Santa Cruz
  • Yuma

Centered on driving health outcomes through a focus on social determinants and understanding the needs of our communities are as unique as the individuals we serve, Cenpatico Integrated Care offers various approaches to philanthropic investment with our partners.

Partnerships and Sponsorships

Our preference is to fund annual partnerships with organizations that drive health outcomes through supporting innovative programming focused on the social determinants of health. We will also consider individual event sponsorships on a case by case basis.  

Decisions on partnerships and sponsorships are made by the Cenpatico Integrated Care Sponsorship Committee on a monthly basis to the extent funding is available. Written proposals will be considered based on the demonstrated ability of the organization/program to drive health outcomes and how the proposal supports Cenpatico Integrated Care's business goals. Proposals must be submitted in writing, though there is no specific format required. At a minimum each proposal should include:

  • Description of organization/program funding will support and specifically how that organization/program drives community health outcomes, including how those outcomes are measured.
  • Specific amount of funding requested, multiple funding level options are preferred.
  • Description of any recognition opportunities offered through the partnership/sponsorship (such as logo recognition/usage, donor recognition signage/plaques, ads, speaking opportunities, event tickets, etc.), including specific timelines on when any logos or artwork are due to the applying organization.
  • For event sponsorships or partnerships that include events, please include the specific date(s), time(s), and location(s) for the event(s).

All recipients of Cenpatico Integrated Care philanthropic support through annual partnerships or sponsorships must provide a report back demonstrating the impact of the funding provided on the health outcomes included in the proposal. There is no specific format required for the report. Specific timelines for when the report is due back to be determined at the time an award is made working in partnership with the Cenpatico Integrated Care Community and Events Coordinator.

Please note that organizations awarded will be required to submit an invoice and W9 to process payment. Once the invoice and W9 are received, expect 45-60 days to receive payment.

All sponsorship and partnership proposals should be submitted via email to:

Greg Taylor
Regional Vice President, Community Affairs

and copied (cc) to:

Michael Johnson
Community Relations Representative

Please direct all questions, status update requests, payment questions, and other inquiries to Michael Johnson, Community and Events Coordinator, at

Community Reinvestment Grants

Cenpatico Integrated Care offers an annual competitive grant process. Each year, the community reinvestment grant application will outline that cycle’s specific goals, focus and requirements. Through the community reinvestment grants, we always seeks to fund organizations and programs targeting underserved communities and populations. The grants are competitive and award amount varies based on available funding from year to year.

Please note that during the transition to the new AHCCCS Complete Care contracts, Cenpatico Integrated Care will not be offering community reinvestment grants in the 2018 calendar year. For 2018, please see above and consider submitting a proposal for a partnership or sponsorship. Check back in early 2019 for updates.