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Jacobs Law – HB2442

Cenpatico Integrated Care works hard to meet the needs of children in Department of Child Safety (DCS) custody who live with foster, kinship and adoptive families.

In March 2016 a law was passed in Arizona.  This law is called HB2442 or Jacob’s Law.  This law makes it easier for foster, kinship and adoptive parents to get behavioral health services for children.   

A few of the positive changes include:

  •  More services and new programs;
  •  New ways to enroll in services;
  •  No Wrong Door policy for children involved with DCS to receive behavioral health  services;
  •  Better communication with foster, kinship, and adoptive families;
  •  24/7 Foster Care Hotline for foster and adoptive parents to get help when needed

Would you like to know more about Jacob’s Law and the rights of foster and adoptive parents?

Letter from Thomas Betlach, Director of the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS)



Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) - Flyers

Behavioral Health for Children in Foster Care

Crisis Services for Children in Foster Care

Foster Caregiver FAQs - English

Foster Caregiver FAQs - Spanish/Español


Foster Parent Advisory Councils

We want to hear from you!

Cenpatico is hosting meetings in a town near you. These meetings give foster, kinship and adoptive parents a chance to share their ideas about how to improve the behavioral health system. We hope you can attend at least one of these meetings and tell us about your experience.  Calendar

Cenpatico will also host a quarterly Foster Parent Advisory Council.  The Advisory Council is looking for foster and adoptive parents to participate on the Council.

If you are interested in being a part of the Advisory Council or want more information please contact Brenda Replogle at 1-866-495-6738 x 84481


Services and Supports

If you believe a child or someone else is in a life threatening situation, call 911.

If you are in need of Crisis Services, because a child is showing dangerous or threatening behaviors please contact the Foster Care Hotline at: 1-844-365-3144

In addition, call the Foster Care Hotline if you need help with any of the following:

  •  Mobile Crisis Team does not show up within 2 hours
  •  Request for a Rapid Response Assessment
  •  Request for support services to maintain the placement
  •  Request a higher level of behavioral health care because the child is showing  dangerous or threatening behaviors
  •  More than 21 days and services have not started
  •  Request services from a different provider

Call the Cenpatico Customer Service Line at 1-866-495-6738, if you have general questions about how to access services for a child.




Foster and adoptive parents can access crisis services by calling the Foster Care Hotline at 1-844-365-3144

A crisis mobile team will be dispatched to assess the immediate safety concerns for the child and provide support and resources to the family.

If the crisis mobile team does not arrive within 2 hours, foster and adoptive parents should call the Foster Care Hotline again to report their concern and secure a timely response.


Cenpatico-IC Member Handbook

Arizona Friends of Foster Children

Foster Care Review Board

AzEIP Referral

AZ Family Resources

Letter from Thomas Betlach, Director of the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS)

AHCCCS Resources



Cenpatico Integrated Care is committed to supporting DCS involved children by providing training to foster, kinship and adoptive parents, DCS, system partners and providers.

Some of the training topics include:

  •  Navigating the Behavioral Health System;
  •  Rights and responsibilities outlined in Jacobs Law;
  •  Trauma-informed care;
  •  CFT Training;
  •  Motivational Interviewing;
  •  Additional trainings identified by the Member Advisory Council

Click here to view a list of upcoming trainings. Or if you would like to schedule a training please contact


Contact Cenpatico

Children’s Services Liaison: 520-809-6432

Cenpatico Foster Care Hotline:  1-844-365-3144

Cenpatico Customer Service Line: 1-866-495-6738