Community Councils

Cenpatico Integrated Care knows that each community is different. We want to make sure the voices of the counties we serve are heard. These voices help our decisions in providing care. An outlet for input is through our Advisory Councils. Members of these councils review and discuss plans for new programs. We value the input from each community. The feedback from these councils has a direct impact on the system of care, communication, and barriers that affect our members. There are three different councils to participate in:

  • Community Advisory Council
  • Peer & Family Advisory Council
  • Choose Health Coalition (New)

Community Advisory Council

Our Community Advisory Councils are made up of community members, such as, the police department, Division of Children and Family, Adult Protective Services, faith based groups, homeless shelters, and other stakeholders. The council advises on key issues, and makes suggestions to improve these issues. We have at least one of these councils in each county. They meet at a minimum of quarterly, depending on need.

Peer and Family Advisory Councils

Our Peer and Family Advisory Councils are made up of those who receive behavioral health services and their family members. These meetings are at least quarterly in many of the communities we serve. During councils, member communications are reviewed, and feedback is given to help ensure quality of care. The results of our Quality Improvement Committee (QIC) Reports are shared with members. We ask for their ideas to improve results. This committee plays an important role in bringing the member voice to our leadership team.

Advisory Boards

Current members of our councils may also participate in our advisory boards. There is a Peer and Family Governing Board and a Stakeholder Advisory Board. Members of councils can join the advisory boards, by letting their council facilitator know of their interest. Our Boards meet quarterly at our Tempe office. They are chaired by our CEO Terry Stevens. There is also an option to participate by phone. To join a council or for information about the next meeting in your community, please call Customer Service, at (866) 495-6738. For a printable application to the Peer and Family Governing Board please click here

Choose Health Coalitions

We believe in treating the whole person. To lead us in this process, we use SAMHSA’s 8 Dimensions of Wellness: Emotional, Financial, Social, Spiritual, Occupational, Physical, Intellectual and Environmental. We are creating groups in our communities that will work on health initiatives. The goal is to improve the health of the community. We will have staff to lead and provide support. Membership is open to all community leaders, faith based organizations, or any interested community member. If you would like information, please contact our customer service department at 866-495-6738.