SMI Eligibility Determination

Cenpatico-IC contracts with intake providers to complete screening assessments when members apply for SMI funding and services. starting October 1, 2015, the eligibility determination process will be determined by a statewide vendor called Crisis Response Network (CRN). To find out the most current information on CRN’s determination process please call or visit their website. Their contact info is found at
Until October 1, 2015 Cenpatico will continue to handle all SMI Determination Requests. Please submit the required information to If there are any questions, or additional guidance is needed please contact 866-495-6738 x 84565 or x 84607. We encourage people to utilize the CAZSMIINFO mailbox for any SMI questions, current SMI status, SMI ReEnrollments, and copies of previous SMI Determinations. You can reference Provider Manual Section 3.6 for guidance related to the process. The following forms are used in the SMI determination process.
Important SMI Determination Documents