Join Our Network

Cenpatico Integrated Care provides excellent medical and behavioral health services to our members through the help of our contracted provider agencies. To become a contracted provider:

  1. Fill out our Potential Provider Application.
  2. Upon filling out our Potential Provider Application it will first be evaluated for completeness by one of our Network Development Coordinators.
  3. Next it will be reviewed by our Potential Provider Committee who will evaluate if there is a need for the provider's specialty in our network.
  4. Upon the Approval of the committee, the provider will be notified of the decision and asked to provide a Credentialing Application and Demographic form.
  5. The Credentialing Application and demographic form are submitted to
  6. The Credentialing department reviews the application and a decision is made by Cenpatico's Chief Medical Officer or Credentialing Committee to accept the provider or organization.
  7. The Credentialing department will notify the provider of the decision by email and mail.
  8. The Contracting department sends the contract to the provider to sign and return.