Health Passport Application

The Health Passport is a web-based, secure application built using core clinical and claims information to deliver relevant healthcare information when and where it is needed. By using the Health Passport, providers can improve care coordination, eliminate waste, and reduce errors through gaining a better understanding of a member's medical and behavioral history and health care needs.

How is this beneficial?

  • Improves care coordination by connecting authorized providers, state agencies, and medical consenters with health information from various facilities.
  • Allows providers to monitor compliance with prescription regimens
  • Reduces duplicate diagnostic and laboratory tests
  • Reduces risk of medication and allergic interactions
  • Increases and streamlines communication between the stakeholders in the members care plans.

New to Health Passport? Please take a look at our Health Passport Quick Summary for an overview.

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Health Passport Consent to Release Information in English (Updated 2/12/2016)
Health Passport Consent to Release Information in Spanish (Updated 2/12/2016)
Health Passport Document Fax Cover Sheet

Health Passport Features

Once accessed, the Health Passport presents the authorized user with a wealth of information, including:

  • Member Demographics – The Health Passport includes members' contact and diagnosis information.
  • Medications The Health Passport presents a summary of medications. With a single click, providers can access more detail, including the name of the prescription, the prescribing clinician, the date filled, and formulary information, as well as the dosage, quantity and dosage instructions. The aggregation of medication information can significantly reduce incidents of drug-to-drug. drug-to-allergy, and drug-to-food interations.
  • Visit History With the Health Passport, providers can view past visits that illustrate the description of the service, treating provider, diagnoses and the service date.
  • Vital Signs Providers can use interactive documentation to chart vital signs in the Health Passport at the point-of-care.
  • Allergies Providers can use interactive documentation to chart allergies at the point-of-care. Once charted, the solution automatically checks the allergy for medication interactions.

*Note: The Health Passport is not an electronic medical record. It will not contain all visits, allergies, or medications, but rather only those that Cenpatico of Arizona is made aware of via claims, provider, and/or state supplied data.