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Provider Manual

The Provider Manual for Cenpatico is intended to be used as a process and procedure manual to inform our network providers about ADHS/DBHS and Cenpatico's requirements related to service delivery. The Provider Manual follows the guidelines and requirements as outlined by the Arizona Department of Health Services/Division of Behavioral Health Services (ADHS/DBHS). The Provider Manual contains multiple sections covering various topics. To navigate the sections of the document you may utilize the table of contents, or your PDF viewer's bookmark or search functionality. To access the provider manual click on the link below.

Updated 10/1/2017

Updated 9/1/2017

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Updated 1/1/2017

Updated 12/1/2016

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Updated 10/1/2016

Updated 9/1/2016

Updated 8/1/2016

Updated 7/1/2016

Updated 6/1/2016

Updated 5/1/2016

Updated 4/1/2016

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